January 24th, 2014


In the shower this morning,

after a long night of restless sleep,

after not being able to fall asleep,

after spending time with good friends (old and new) and eating good food,

after watching a movie amongst good people,

after shaking and trembling after a rough therapy session

I thought of fracking.

And how I generally don’t think fracking is a good thing.

I am searching for something that is completely unrelated

To something I once sought after many years ago.

But they share a vein under the surface.

It doesn’t seem right, or fair that this should be happening.

I can’t stop my current search,

This is not an option.

But I gave up on the original search many years ago.

This should not be coming up.

These are unintended consequences

of fracking

in an emotional sense.

Tectonic shifts that threaten

The foundation built of

A lifetime of dreams.

Sinkholes and explosions 

Undermine ones existence.

If the reasons you have worked hard

Stop holding their value

What then do you work hard for?

January 15th, 2014
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